Package org.swtchart

Interface Summary
IAxis An axis which is composed of title and tick.
IAxisSet An axis container.
IAxisTick An axis tick.
IBarSeries Bar series.
ICustomPaintListener The paint listener to paint on plot area.
IDisposeListener The dispose listener.
IErrorBar An error bar.
IGrid A grid.
ILegend A legend for chart.
ILineSeries Line series.
IPlotArea The plot area.
ISeries Series.
ISeriesLabel A series label.
ISeriesSet A series container.
ITitle A title.

Class Summary
Chart A chart which are composed of title, legend, axes and plot area.
Constants Constant values.
Range A range.

Enum Summary
IAxis.Direction An axis direction
IAxis.Position An axis position
IBarSeries.BarWidthStyle Bar width style.
IErrorBar.ErrorBarType The error bar type.
ILineSeries.PlotSymbolType A plot symbol type.
ISeries.SeriesType A Series type.
LineStyle A line style.